Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ilminster Arts Centre Annual Art Competition

I was really pleased to have been awarded joint 3D winner at Ilminster Arts Centre annual art competition.
This competition has a strong reputation and so there were a lot of entries of a high standard, including a good mix of 2D pictures and 3D sculpture.
I think the judges were interested in work which was slightly unusual and wasn't quite what it appeared to be. My winning piece provided an interesting narrative of organic pod and industrial "waste". A deep hollowed Ash vase was textured then finished with reactive iron paint and rust activator giving the appearance of rusty corrugated iron.
I also entered a vase which was finished with reactive bronze paint and activator, giving a tarnished appearance.
The exhibition is open until 1st September.
All prize winners and those who were highly commended will be given their own exhibition in January 2018. Dates to be announced later!
Ilminster Arts Centre website

Posed with the certificate and vase, with the winning 2D picture in the background

"Rusty iron", the winning piece. It has the appearance of rusty corrugated iron whilst actually made from Ash

In situ for all visitors to see!

"Tarnished bronze", my other entry. Also made from Ash

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