Monday, 10 August 2015

AWGB Seminar 2015

I've just come back from a fantastic weekend at the AWGB Seminar in Loughborough. It was full on, loads of excellent demonstrators to watch, a gallery of top quality work and a great atmosphere! Roll on two years time till the next one!

Here are a few photos of some of the demonstrators:

Carlyn Lindsay, UK.
Carlyn uses contrasting coloured veneers to make laminated wood blanks and create contemporary decorated turned items.

Ambrose O'Halloran, Eire.
Ambrose makes bowls and platters enhanced with texturing and scorching.

Michael Gibson, USA.
Michael is famous for making turned and sculpted wooden teapots, bowls and hollow forms.
Andrew Hall, UK.
Andrew is famous for his turned and coloured wooden hats. When complete it is hard to imagine they are actually made from wood!
Cynthia Gibson, USA.
Cynthia is not a turner but is a pyrography artist. She has collaborated with many of the worlds top woodturners to create works of art.
Ashley Harwood, USA.
Ashley creates fine spindle turned ornaments using sea urchins but also wooden bowls with enhancements on the rim and foot.
Marcel van Berkel, The Netherlands.
Marcel specialises in sculptured deep vases, enhanced with deep sculpturing with an arbotec and scorching.

Ambrose used a jig to ensure even curves around the bowl.
Andrew used stencils to mark out the nose and cheeks of the Corinthian helmet.
Then cut them out using a Proxxon mini jigsaw.
A blurred photo of the completed mini Corinthian.
An image of Cynthia's sampler.
One of Ashley's bowls showing the side bead detail.
Ashley demonstrated that technique in the presentation.
Marcel's vase after texturing with the arbotec. It was cut using a scallop action. Deep beads were made inside the vase with the Rolly Munro tool before texturing.
The completed vase after scorching, brushing and airbrushing.

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