Monday, 16 November 2015

Inspired by Marcel van Berkel!

My favourite demo at the seminar in August was seeing Marcel van Berkel make one of his carved vases. I really like his work and jumped at the chance to see his demonstration when I realised he had one slot on the programme. I particularly like his heavily carved vases and I have finally I got round to having a go myself! I made most of this at my club's hands on session on Saturday (Martock and District Woodturners); I shaped the outside and drilled the central hole beforehand so I would have plenty of time for hollowing and texturing.

I hollowed the vase, cut beads on the inside then used a grinder to remove much of the wood on the outside in a scallop pattern. I then scorched, brushed and coloured it using red wood dye with black highlights.
At home I parted off the vase, tidied the base then oiled the outside and painted the inside with blackboard paint (matt black).
Marcel van Berkel demonstrating his vase at the AWGB seminar in August. Here he is hollowing out the inside.
 Beads cut on the inside.
 Using a grinder to cut the scallop pattern.
 Ready for light scorching.
 Airbrushed, blue with white highlights.

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